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The GasLight Circus to Make Phoenix Fan Fushion Debut!

-Following their triumphant return to The Alwun House on March 6th, The GasLight Circus officially announced the time and place of their next show: For the first time ever, Phoenix's Original Theatrical Circus Attraction will debut in two separate performances as a part of Phoenix Fan Fusion! The event begins May 21st and concludes May 24th!

"This is a big one for us" Says Jero Keenom. "There are dozens of artists who would kill for this spot, and we plan on delivering big with this show. Our entire cast have been regular attendees of PFF for a very long time, so for them to invite us to join their spectacle is humbling and incredible. Not just for us as a show, but for Circus as an artform in the eyes of pop culture. A chance to show people that the Circus can fit in right alongside comics, movies, games, and more. We can't wait!"

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