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The GasLight Circus Voices Support of the American Circus Alliance!

- On April 22nd, 2021, The GasLight Circus has joined alongside hundreds of other circus productions, workers, and industry experts in voicing it's support of the newly founded American Circus Alliance.

The Organization's purpose is to become a new source of industry advocacy in the face of the mounting hardships against the circus industry in the United States, including but not limited to the COVID-19 Pandemic that has ravaged the arts and entertainment industries as a whole. The organization is currently collecting signatures for an open letter to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris requesting economic relief for the circus industry in American. "We're 100% behind it." Says GLC founder Jero Keenom. "GasLight Circus is not really a political group, it's just not what we do. However even before the pandemic began the circus industry was hurting, and despite that hurt, it's done a great job surviving on its own. But now it's time for us to see some real assistance from the elected officials that are supposed to be by and for the people, because as the American Circus Alliance Reinforces: Circus Workers are people too." For more information please visit


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