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GLC Returns to Phoenix With New "Whodunit" Performance!

- On October 16th, The GasLight Circus makes its long-awaited return to The Alwun House in downtown Phoenix with another all new show: Step Right Up For Murder! No strangers to the concept of murder-mystery theatre, this will be GLC's second take at this style of audience-interactive live performance since 2017's "Circus of Unfortunate Events". This time, however, it's the audience that will help write the show! "We've taken a fun new approach to how we're going to involve the fans." Says Jero Keenom. "During the entire show, they're going to have to keep an eye out for clues and hints at who the culprit is, and near the end of the night they'll be given the platform to let *us* know who they think "whodunit"!

Keenom goes on to explain the inspiration behind this new show: "Just before the pandemic made us all pack up and go home for a few months, I had the pleasure of performing for the better part of a year in Scottsdale with some extraordinary people; Some of which I've become great friends with, and some of them exposed me to the inner workings of "murder mystery" shows and what they all entail. We'd done one before a few years ago, but admittedly I didn't know just how many more moving parts this genre has. I had the chance to sit in on a performance by a local troupe called "Murder and A Meal" and found myself writing a show in my head before their show was even done! Just quietly putting the parts together in my head and thinking "okay, now how do I make this fit into a circus like ours?" Ironically thanks to all that time spent at home on lockdown, I had the time to sit down and write the show. Some time after that, I happen to get a text from the guys at Alwun House asking if we wanted to do a show, and everything just fell into place!"


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