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Official Statement Regarding GLC and COVID-19.

From the desk of Jerome Keenom.

The GasLight Circus joins the world at large as we adapt and change to the pandemic known as "Coronavirus" as it sweeps the globe. As of this moment, we as a Circus have made the difficult choice to cease all current public operations until further notice while the rest of the world makes similar changes.

A few weeks ago, on the set of The Ringmaster's Apprentice, I made the announcement that The GasLight Circus would be making it's Phoenix Fan Fushion debut this may, and while things look bleak now, I want to personally reassure not only our fans, but the staff and producers of Phoenix Fan Fushion, that should local governments and proper authorities allow the event to go forward this May, that they can be absolutely sure that Phoenix's Original Theatrical Circus Attraction will honor it's commitment to attend and perform at one of the greatest pop culture events in Arizona. This is a difficult time for artists around the world, as so many of us have lost out on our incomes by getting gigs cancelled, festivals closed early, parties shut down, and fear left rampant throughout the masses. I for one do not plan to let this situation take us down for long, and if there's any way that we as a Circus can reach you, the fans, from the comfort of your own homes, then we absolutely will one way or another.

Until that time, or until all this blows over: Please stay safe, stay healthy, and we'll see you down the road.

May All Your Days Be Circus Days.

-Jerome "The Jester" Keenom

Founder, The GasLight Circus.

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