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GasLight TV Wraps Season 1. Film in the Works?

On May 17th, The GasLight Circus officially wrapped it's first season of it's first digital production: GasLight TV. The finale ended with a proverbial cliffhanger that revealed a long-forgotten personality returning to the forefront of the production as "Ari", the main character of GLC's widely popular "Noir Saga" revealed that the entire production was her doing, and that the entire GasLight Circus has been trapped inside the dark realm known as the Noir, as she dared Greg the Puppet, the main character of GasLight TV, to come to her realm and save them.

GasLight Circus creator Jero Keenom had this to say about the project and it's future: "We had a lot of fun putting this project together over the past five months or so. When the pandemic took away our ability to perform live, we took some lemons and tried to make some lemonade. There's more than what we've shown, so much more. Uncut footage, extras, behind-the-scenes, and of course bloopers; the plan right now is to share it ALL with the fans that want to watch while we prep for the next step, which is in all likelyhood a movie. I spent some time as a film student in college and I love the ideas that my time in that field has given me, and the ideas the cast and crew are putting out are equally phenomenal. It's been over a year since we've been all together, and despite that, we made some magic. We can't wait to show you some more." While no timeframe has been given on the potential film, or even another season of GasLight TV, keep


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