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GLC Performances See Capacity Crowds at Phoenix Fan Fusion '22!

- After two years of rescheduling due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The GasLight Circus made their long-awaited debut at Phoenix Fan Fusion! Putting on two shows over the course of the weekend in Room North121-ABC at the Phoenix Convention Center, fans in attendance filled the room to capacity for both performances by Phoenix's Original Theatrical Circus Attractions!

- "When we took this contract, we knew it was going to be a big deal." Said Jero Keenom. "When the pandemic hit and everything shut down, we had no idea if we'd even get a chance to attend the convention, let alone perform at it, when it eventually returned. But the time came, we got the call, and we did what we do best. We showed up." "This show proved that people who enjoy things normally seen at Fan Fusion also enjoy what we do as well. The fans really came out to see us and made us feel special, welcomed, loved, and humbled by filling a 500 seat performance space not just once, but twice, and we'll always be grateful for that." The Clown Prince of Arizona also shed some light on the possibility of a return to the convention in 2023. "We've had some early conversations, that's the most I'll give out for now. We told the convention that if they want to light the beacons, sounds the trumpets, and send in the clowns, GLC will show up and bring wonder and amazement to Fan Fusion like only we can."


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