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GasLight Circus Announce Return to Phoenix Fan Fusion!

- The GasLight Circus is proud to announce their return to Phoenix Fan Fusion with another installment of last year's SOLD OUT spectacle: Wild Geek Magic! "We had an absolute blast doing this last year. The crowd was great, the show was great, and we have a great relationship with the creators of Phoenix Fan Fusion that fortunately lead us all to decide together that Wild Geek Magic is lightning in a bottle! We can't wait until June!" - Jero the Jester, Clown Prince of Arizona

- Last year's production saw two performances by Phoenix's Original Theatrical Circus Attraction, but GLC has chosen to combine two shows into one massive spectacle going into this year's convention. "Last year we did two shows. One was "Wild Geek Magic" and the other was a sort of "Highlight Reel" of what GasLight Circus is known for, but we noticed two things last year: The first thing was that *both* shows, not one or the other, but BOTH shows, were standing room only before we even started, and they stayed that way the entire time. So what we brought out clearly was something Fan Fusion's many attendees enjoyed. The other thing was that as we did our second show, the Highlight Reel Show of some of our best material, we all found ourselves already creating new ideas for another Wild Geek Magic, and how we could incorporate our combined love of Circus Arts, Pop Culture, and our own Branding into one massive show! So this year will be a mashup of both shows combined with a soft narrative to keep the pace of the performance. We're putting everything we have into this and we couldn't be more proud of what we're about to unleash." - Jero the Jester, Clown Prince of Arizona.

-Phoenix Fan Fusion begins Friday, June 2nd and runs until Sunday, June 4th. Wild Geek Magic will take place on Saturday June 3rd at 1:30pm in Room 232 ABC!


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