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GLC To Offer Online Content?

-Following the success for April's "Steampunk Affair" performance, The GasLight Circus has once again opened up the door of possibly launching a string of original online content for fans to watch any time, any place when the Phoenix-based production is not live on stage.

"The key to the idea is, of course, storytelling." Says GLC Founder Jero Keenom, who prior to his life in circus performance, first broke into the entertainment industry via YouTube with his alternate brand "Jester Skull" which originally launched in 2009. "The interesting element of doing regular online content, like a series or a collection of in-studio shows, is how we incorporate our talents as a circus cast. We've got acting and such covered, no doubt, but if we can't encompass all elements then are we really putting on a GLC show?"

Another option Keenom has presented is the idea of multiple out of character, or "backstage" videos and series:

"We've talked about a few other ideas that'd see us pull back the curtain, as it were. Things like having two performers sit and watch part of an older GLC show and give commentary on it, which also opens the possibility of past stars appearing to do the same, if they'd like. Other things on the table include documentaries, interviews, training and practice videos, and more. There's no limit to what GasLight can pull off, we've show that on stage, and I've personally got all the equipment we'd need, given I've been doing YouTube for ten years on the side, as well as having a long standing passion for TV and Film work. It's all really exciting!"

Further info on GLC's potential entrance into the online entertainment world will be released as we learn more. Stay tuned!

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