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GLC Season 4 Details Begin to Emerge!

-The GasLight Circus is proud to announce the official start date for it's fourth performance season! Starting October 12th, The GasLight Circus will be bringing it's notorious flair for circus and storytelling LIVE to the Phoenix Arizona area, with regular performances that will run through the end of April 2019!

GLC Founder Jero Keenom had the following to say: "We're enterting a very significant era of GLC with season 4. Firstly because initial critics said that The GasLight Circus wouldn't make it more than six months, but here we are, nearly three years from day one and still going strong, each step forward is another notch in our belt that proves we are here to stay and keep wowing our fans! Another reason is because season 4 wraps the show's first real story arc, which we began in April 2016 with "Menagerie". All the shows in Season 4 will be chronologically telling the final chapters in that series, which is combined with our highly successful "Noir" stories as well. The first of those new stories being in October, and the info for that event will come out on July 28th!"

"The Clown Prince of Arizona" goes on to explain exactly how the storylines of Menagerie and Noir work together:

"We kind of told the story like Star Wars: Menagerie and it's sequels (Pandorum, Menagerie Vol.2, and Requiem) were like our original saga. Then you have Noir and it's sequels, which include Afterglow and all the stories that are being told this season, are like our prequels to Menagerie, and we'll tease certain elements of that in this season's shows to bring around the completion of this insane, topsy-turvy, nine-part, dark circus rock opera of ours. Who knows, maybe we'll cap it all off with a tenth story to round it out to a nice, big, convoluted number, we'll see!"

As previously stated, more info will be coming July 28th!

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