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The GasLight Circus Welcomes Ruslana! Will Debut at Six Feet Under!

-After multiple audition applications and interviews, The GasLight Circus is proud to announce local belly dance artist Ruslana to their official performance roster!

Ruslana has learned the art of Raqs Sharqi from locally and internationally renowned belly dance teachers Ava Fleming and Meena Gorgese.

The moment she witnessed Shakira belly dancing, she was inspired to learn it on her own. It was not until Ava Fleming's class at Arizona State University in 2011 that she started learning on a more serious level.

Drawing from her teachers' influence, her style is mainly Egyptian Cabaret with Lebanese flair. While regularly training in the traditional styles of Raqs Sharqi, Ruslana enjoys venturing into experimental arena. She has belly danced to a live funk band, poetry, didgeridoo and the ASU laptop orchestra, among other live performers.

Some of the venues that Ruslana has appeared at in her career include The Lost Leaf, Trunk Space, The Fire House, The Alwun House, The Refuge, Daddy O's Grill, Lawn Gnome, Copper Star Coffee, 51 West, Pho Cao, Rogue Bar, Arizona State Fair, 1001 Nights, and more.

-On Saturday, September 9th, she will return to the Alwun House to make her GLC debut at Six Feet Under!

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