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Dangerous Illusion Confirmed for Six Feet Under. Jero the Jester Comments.

-Earlier today, GasLight Circus founder Jero "The Jester" Keenom confirmed via Twitter that the circulating rumor about performing a magic act known as the "Bullet Catch" at GLC's upcoming "Six Feet Under" show on September 9th are true:

For those unaware, the Bullet Catch is an illusion where a magician attempts to catch a speeding bullet fired from a loaded weapon, usually with their teeth, in front of a live audience. received the following comments from"The Clown Prince of Arizona": "It's a dangerous act, but it's one I've wanted to attempt for years. And after serious consideration, as well as talking to the rest of the cast, the crew, and my closest friends and family, now's the perfect time to do it. I'm at a stage in my career where I'm reaching a lot of my goals, both personal and professional, and one of those goals is to not only perform things that I haven't otherwise done, but also to perform things that our fans out here in Arizona haven't see either, I've been working closely with Gabe [Lim] on this one to make sure the time was right, and we drew the same conclusion." "When's the last time somebody did a Bullet Catch in Arizona? Normally, you've gotta drive to Vegas to see Penn & Teller do it. But for one night only you can see it right here in Phoenix, and to clarify that I mean yes, this is a one night only act. I'm doing it once and that's it. I'm not ignorant to the fact that this illusion has killed twelve magicians in it's long history, and while I have no intention of becoming the thirteenth, I have zero intention of blurring the audience's perception with special mouthguards, multiple volunteers, a pane of glass in front of me, or any of the smoke and mirrors that get used now when it comes to this illusion. So in the event I survive this one, that'll be good enough for me."

The GasLight Circus will return to The Alwun House on September 9th for Six Feet Under: the kickoff of it's third performance season.

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