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The GasLight Circus Reveals New Logo. Website Renovations Coming Soon.

-This past Saturday, The GasLight Circus completed it's 2016-2017 season at the 2nd annual Carnival Ball Charity show, raising over $1,000 for local charity Arizona Veterans Helping Veterans. At the show, GLC also debuted a new line of merchandise featuring a new logo for The GasLight Circus. A new logo has been discussed in the past between and GLC Founder Jero "the Jester" Keenom, and it looks like it has finally arrived as the GLC Facebook page now also displays the new logo on it's profile and banner. Signaling a new evolution in the Phoenix-based circus.

-Speaking of evolution, will also be undergoing a multitude of changes during the GLC off-season. The circus' goal is to unveil an even more accesible format to the website, as well as making certain pages more mobile friendly. Renovations are set to begin in the first week of June.

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