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The GasLight Circus Welcomes Morgan Sharketti, Two Showtimes Announced.

- The GasLight Circus is proud to announce the addition of Morgan "Moondust" Sharketti to it's active performance roster.

Making her official debut at last Saturday's "Warped" anniversary show, Sharketti displayed her unique style of aerial silks on The Alwun House Stage to an acoustic cover of "Cinema" by Skrillex, to rave reviews by the audience.

Jero "The Jester" Keenom had the following to say regarding the addition of Morgan Sharketti:

"On behalf of The GasLight Circus, I can say we're absolutely thrilled to have Morgan on board. Her performance seemed to steal the very breath from the audience that I've only seen the likes of Mickey Tosspott, Noah Brown, and Shawn Cook do before. I hope she sticks around for a while, because the GLC fans, myself included, are dying to see more"

-Following the conclusion of GLC presents: Warped, The GasLight Circus announced it's next two performances will be on April 15th and May 27th. The details of the April performance has yet to be revealed, but May 27th is currently set as the date for the 2nd Annual Carnival Ball charity show.

Both shows will come following a brief hiatus by GLC, as much of it's cast prepares to perform at The 29th annual Arizona Renaissance Festival.

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