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GLC Reveals Anniversary Show: Multiple Special Guests to be revealed.

-Leading into the holidays, and shortly following their performance at Menagerie: Chapter 2, The GasLight Circus announced that on January 21st, GLC would return to The Alwun House in Phoenix for their 1 year anniversary show, titled "Warped". The show synopsis reads:

"It's the one year anniversary of The GasLight Circus! Join the performers of one of Phoenix's hottest theatrical circus attractions in celebrating an event that will travel across space and time to bring the greatest show that GLC has ever performed!See the clowning styles of Jero the Jester and Finna the Fool. Be amazed at the gravity-defying aerial talent of Widow Ives and Cynder Monarch, the hypnotizing wonder of Shawn Cook and his magnificent Cyr Wheel, the illusions of Gabriel Lim, feel the heat of the sizzling fire performances of Techie Hilliker, and many many more in a show that will see the return of numerous performers from The GasLight Circus' greatest moments. All the night's festivities will be hosted by the one and only: The Proprietor!"

The anniversary performance of GLC is set to feature multiple guest appearances by some of the best performers in the show's past. The name's of which are going to be announced over the next few weeks here on

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