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GasLight Circus Pushes Final Endgame Show Forward. Two Dates Dropped, Jero the Jester Comments.

The following post was published on the GasLight Circus Facebook page this past Friday: "Hello GasLight Fans!

After much discussion with various members of our staff, cast, and crew, The GasLight Circus has decided to announce that this Tuesday, May 10th, will be our final appearance at our weekly time slot at Endgame.We've decided to drop our remaining scheduled show dates at the venue in order to more properly prepare ourselves for the upcoming theatrical circus production "The Carnival Ball" on May 21st at the Alwun House(and we will have more info on that event within the next few hours), it's also a measure we're taking to put less stress and strain on the cast and crew, who have been working hard the past few months to put this show together, as well as to "get while the getting is good", as the venue is shutting down in a few weeks, and we as a group feel like the venue has enough affairs to get in order, and should have one less thing to worry about as we pull out of our May 17th and May 24th shows.

The GasLight Circus would personally like to thank Endgame owner Ryan Scott for giving us a place to perform for the past three months, it means the world to us that we had such a great place to grow as a still fairly new circus, and we look forward to working with Mr. Scott again in the future. We'd also like to thank the town of Tempe, Arizona, Mill Avenue, ASU, and more importantly, the fans who have come out to see us every week.

As for our final Endgame show, we're going out with a bang, see you all Tuesday!" Jero the Jester, owner of The GasLight Circus, had the following to say after the announcement: "We're just burnt out, and realized it's time to go." Said the multi-award winning Juggler. "We've been in Tempe for 3 months performing every week. That's more than some residencies in places like L.A, or Vegas. It's just time for us to pack up, rest up, train and develop new performances over the summer, so we can show up somewhere else in Arizona and do what we do." The GasLight Circus is now advertising May 10th as their "Game Over" show at Endgame, having dropped the May 17th and May 24th show dates from their schedule.

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