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GLC Announces Charity Summer Event at Endgame.

-At tonight's Endgame event, Jero the Jester announced that the next Alwun House show by The GasLight Circus, dubbed "The Carnival Ball" is going to be a charity show by the GLC. All show proceeds from the event, slated to happen in June, will be donated to a local Arizona charity of The GasLight Circus' choosing. Jero the Jester commented on the announcement:

"We decided that if we're going to perform in Arizona, that we also wanted to give back to the state and it's fans that have enjoyed our shows, kept rooftops over our heads, and food in our stomachs by watching us do what we do. If I have my way, The Carnival Ball will happen annually, and the charity that benefits from it will change each year."

More info will become available as it is released.

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