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Introducing GasLight TV!

- On January 10th, 2021, The GasLight Circus unveiled its newest project: GasLight TV! A new bi-weekly webshow featuring performances, sketches, and more from your favorite GLC cast and crew members. This shift in direction for Phoenix's Original Theatrical Circus Attraction comes following the continued spread of COVID-19, and continued closure of venues and other performance opportunities in Arizona, where the virus continues to inflict extraordinary damage to people across the state in record numbers. "Obviously we still can't perform live, and we're coming up on almost year full year since we last were all on stage." Says GLC Founder Jero Keenom and one of the writers for GasLight TV. "In the time we've been away, we've all talked over Zoom and worked out a new way for us to perform for our fans, because we don't want them to think we've forgotten them in a time where now, more than ever, they could use a smile or two in their lives." "The Clown Prince of Arizona" also clarified that not only is this going to be a new arm of entertainment for GLC, but that the circus will return to live performances the moment they can do so safely. "Speaking for myself, I'm at a higher risk for COVID than I'd like to be, I have a bad heart and that puts me at risk. Because of that and because the safety of the cast is my highest priority, we're taking every precaution when any of us do film for GasLight TV together in the same place, but overall the point of GLTV is for us to put together a production that we all contribute to from our own homes, as well as showcase a few talents and ideas that don't necessarily work as well on stage. We're still the same great circus, we're just trying something new!"


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