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GLC Begins Season 5 Pre-Production! First Performance Announced!

-Following a multi-month hiatus from the stage, Phoenix's Original Theatrical Circus Show returns in 2020!

Beginning Friday, March 6th, The GasLight Circus returns with an all new performance titled "The Ringmaster's Apprentice". "The idea behind the show is a little similar to The Sorcerer's Apprentice, from act 3 of Disney's Fantasia." Says GLC Founder Jero Keenom. "We actually tried this concept similarly once before in 2016, but it was so haphazardly done that the audience didn't quite understand what we were doing. So now that we've really managed to get our sea-legs as a production, the cast and I are extremely excited to put on a show with this kind of flair to it again! What's really exciting is that it's also our return to The Alwun House after we've been gone for almost a year from there, and I hear they've upgraded their lighting system for the stage so if there's any style of show we wanna do now, it's definitely going to be Ringmaster's Apprentice." Keenom also spoke a little bit about why The GasLight Circus took such a long time away from performing, and the confidence he has in the production still: "The most straightforward explanation I can give is we needed a break. From the creation of the company in December 2015, all the way until Carnival Ball 4 back in April 2019, we were an absolute non-stop promotion. We did attempt some little things following April like private parties, and our 2nd ever Fan Appreciation Night, but due to some factors we couldn't control the whole thing fell apart. That's when I took a good look around and decided "Okay, we need to take a breather for just a second" and at that point I believe that we truly earned that break after setting what I wholeheartedly believe was and still is a gold-standard for contemporary circus shows in Phoenix right now. I know there are some folks who really don't like that I say that, but numbers don't lie for us, in four or five years we've done more individually unique and story-driven shows than the bulk of our contemporaries, all well-received by the fans. I'm beyond proud of what we've done, and extremely confident in what we're going to do next, and I offer the same words of encouragement to anybody who doesn't like the way I boast about our show: If you don't like it, change it, be better than what you're seeing us do, not just in talent but in presentation, marketing, promotion, and theatrics! Because then the quality of circus goes up in Phoenix, and that's when everybody wins. That's the goal of The GasLight Circus: Great Circus shows everywhere you look."

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