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The GasLight Circus Announce New "ALIVE" Charity Show!

-On Friday, March 23rd, The GasLight Circus will perform a brand new annual Charity event title "ALIVE!" Where a portion of show proceeds will be donated to a school campus within Arizona, chosen by GLC, and where the show will be hosted and performed. "Our primary Charity show, The Carnival Ball, has been a success for a few years now, we think it's time to take another positive step in utilizing circus acts to the financial and visual benefit of another organization, and this time with 'ALIVE', we'll be looking to specifically benefit schools in Arizona." Says GLC Founder Jero Keenom.

The very first ALIVE show will take place in South Phoenix at the Desert Marigold Waldorff School. All GLC fans are encouraged to attend, as the event will indeed be open to the public.

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