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GLC Adds Damien "Mutt" Kouts and Zavier "ZIP" Pike to Official Cast Roster.

-As of January 26th, 2018, The GasLight Circus is proud to announce that guest performers Damien "Mutt" Kouts and Zavier "ZIP" Pike have now officially signed on to the main GLC cast on a full time basis.

Making his debut at GLC's 2nd Annual Carnival Ball, Zavier Pike has become most notable for his juggling and magic performances. "He's got the juggling potential of me, and the magic potential of Gabe [Lim]." Says GLC Founder Jerome Keenom. "He's like neither of us, but at the same time like both of us in such a way that leads us all to believe he's got an insanely bright future ahead here with The GasLight Circus."

Arriving at the start of GLC's 3rd season in "Six Feet Under", Damien Kouts has been praised for both his outstanding flow art ability, as well as very quickly winning over the fans with his gimmick of succumbing to some sort of ill-fate in every show he does. "He's almost a walking spoiler alert" Keenom continues." And the fans can't get enough of him. The future of this show starts with guys like him, and I can't wait to see him reach the heights he's after."

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