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The GasLight Circus Welcomes Black Belle!

-On Saturday, October 21st, The GasLight Circus and it's fans will see the debut of "Black Belle" Annie Dyer, the newest addition to the GLC Aerial Division! had the chance to speak with "Black Belle" about her upcoming debut, her inspirations, and more!

So, how long have you been performing?: "22 years. I started dance when I was 4 years old and have been performing, training and/or competing since then." That's great! What inspires you to perform for such a long time?: "Having a discipline that I can always improve in but I can always feel accomplished in. Not dancing isn't something I am able to do, so my motivation may just be being alive."

It sounds like you've got a lot of passion to bring to GLC. Do you have a favorite prop or act?: "I am very comfortable on aerial silks and enjoy it just as much as I always expected I would. I do also look forward to learning new apparatuses and new arts as well."

What are some of your dreams and goals as a performer?:

"I need to be able to share my art. If it is not my job I need a job that gives me enough time to perform and train. There is no end I strive for, just to continue to be my best to the best of my ability." Did you have any initial thoughts on GLC based on what you've seen so far?: "I was excited to meet others just as excited about performing as myself. I also appreciate the variety that it creates for the audience to witness and enjoy."

-The GasLight Circus Presents: Requiem will be held at Alwun House on October 21st, 2017!

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