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The GasLight Circus Announces October Performance!

-The GasLight Circus is proud to announce it's newest production: Requiem! Early details hint that this late-October performance will be the Phoenix-based circus' satirical take on the classic "Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

GLC Founder Jero Keenom had the following to say in regards to the plot of the event: "We wanted to do something that fit an October production, especially so close to Halloween. But still be kinda out of the box by putting on a show that isn't going be advertised at every bar crawl, movie theater, or haunted house. I was talking with Techie (Hilliker), and he and I are considerable fans of operas, mysterious characters like The Phantom, and the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber in general, so when a bunch of us were sitting around talking about future shows this past spring, the idea of our own Opera-themed circus show came up, and we just started writing notes and ideas. Next thing we knew, Requiem was born, and we're all pretty excited to show this side of the circus for the first time since last December, while still being an all ages show.

It's not a 100% comedy, we're actually going to try and fit some tragedy into this one too, because while we are indeed a circus, we're also a theatrical production. So it's important to me especially that we do our best to both amaze and inspire with our circus acts, but also trigger as many different emotional responses as possible through some of the amazing theater skills that some of us have."

Full event info for Requiem can be found of the "Showtimes!" page of!

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