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The GasLight Circus Announces First Show of 2017/18 Season! Multiple Dates Already Revealed!

-Earlier today, The GasLight Circus proudly announced via Facebook that the first show of their 3rd season, titled "Six Feet Under", will take place on September 9th.

The show is described as a "thrilling performance with an old western vaudeville theme! See some of Arizona's best and brightest talents as they perform in a style not seen since the days of Tombstone and Dodge City! Complete with Juggling, Acrobatics, Singing, and live action old-west gun-slinging all for your entertainment!" Following a successful performance at the 2nd annual Carnival Ball Charity Show this past May, The GasLight Circus has spent it's off season preparing for its return to The Alwun House with multiple show dates already revealed on's "Showtimes" page.

Jerome "The Jester" Keenom, founder of The GasLight Circus, offered the following comment: "We're always thrilled to come back to The Alwun House every season. Others may say what they will, but we've truly made that stage our home, and are currently penned-in to do so again with three show dates already planned from September to the end of January. On top of this, we've got several more announcements coming this week that'll hopefully get everyone excited for the return of The GasLight Circus!"

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