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Carnival Ball Guests Performers Announced.

-This Saturday, The GasLight Circus will perform at it's second annual Carnival Ball charity show. The bombastic end of season event for the Phoenix-based show displays a larger show format than other shows they perform over the course of the year, including carnival games, prizes, fortune-telling, live music, and more. Which means guest performers. can now confirm the identities of multiple special guests for the show, listed below with a brief description for each: 1. TeaSpoon

-A relatively new performer, and long time burning man enthusiast, TeaSpoon will be appearing as both performer and stage crew member to aid in the show's progress. 2. Zavier "ZIP" Pike.

-After appearing at the same winter festival event that featured an appearance by Jero the Jester and Noah Brown, Zavier Pike quickly caught the attention of the two ringmasters and will make his offical GLC debut at Carnival Ball 2017. A two-time performer alongside the Riley Rainbow Family Circus, Zavier is no stranger to performance, despite his age. He will make history this Saturday as the youngest performer to ever perform for The GasLight Circus.

3. Sabrina Wilcox

-A multi-talented student of circus arts, Sabrina Wilcox will bring her combination of flow art and fire performance to The Alwun House Stage this Saturday.

4. Luna Luminescent

-No stranger to performing with GLC, Luna Luminescent was last seen with Phoenix's Hottest Theatrical Circus Attraction in October 2016 at Fangoria FEARCON. She now returns to The GasLight Circus with trusty Pixel Whip in hand ready to dazzle and entertain the GLC fans once again.

5. Tabitha Kelley

-Alongside GLC founder Jero "The Jester" Keenom. Tabitha Kelley was one of the five original members of the controversial Mystic Circus Sideshow's Phoenix chapter. A whirlwind of wonder with her mastery of the hoop. The GasLight Circus is proud to welcome one of the hidden gems of Arizona's circus scene to their stage this Saturday

What is currently unknown is if this is the extent of the list of guest performers to join the GLC cast this weekend. has been informed to stay tuned.

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