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GLC Announces April Performance!

-Saturday, April 15th marks the return of The GasLight Circus to The Alwun House for their new Murder-Mystery inspired show: A Circus of Unfortunate Events.

"It’s a regular “Who-Dunnit” with a traditional circus twist! Join The GasLight Circus for a night of bombastic amazement with levels of audience interaction like never before as GasLight Circus combines the wonders of a night at the circus with the chills and thrills of Murder-Mystery theater!

Help Jero the Jester, Finna the Fool, The Proprietor, Mina Katz, Techie HIlliker, Shawn Cook, Morgan Moondust, and many more in a night at the circus with a murderous new twist as they seek to unravel the mystery behind the sudden “accidents” befalling performers of The GasLight Circus at the hands of a masked assailant before it’s too late!"

Tickets can be found below at the following link:

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