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Jero the Jester Teases Hybrid Murder-Mystery/Circus Show. Talks about AZ Renaissance Festival and GL

-Jero "The Jester" Keenom, founder of The GasLight Circus, is teasing a new show concept for an upcoming performance by GLC.

"I've always been intrigued by Murder-Mystery Theater shows. The level of audience participation and improv that comes with it is very akin to how I personally perform, and it's such a fun level of storytelling, which every GasLight show strives to do, tell a story. The idea I have is very much in it's infancy, but it may or may not be the plot of our April 15th performance, guess we'll just have to see won't we?"

-Jero also spoke with about this year's Arizona Renaissance Festival, which begins February 11th.

"The only show that rivals GLC in terms of my love for performing will always be AZRF. I've been there about 4 years running now, and while it's not where I got my start, it is where I feel I became the performer I am today. I'd already been juggling as "The Vaudevillian Weirdo" for a few years prior to auditioning for the Faire, but those fairgrounds in Gold Canyon, Arizona is where I truly became Jero the Jester; as well as meet some of the great performers that GLC has today. Guys and Girls like Mina Katz, Noah Brown, Finna the Fool, David Buie, Keegan Moss, Cynder Monarch, Corry Rinehart, and Widow Ives. I'm sure I forgot at least one name, and whoever I forgot will give me sh*t about it later I'm sure (Laughs), but I'm extremely grateful for everyone and everything that festival has given me over the years, and I look forward to coming back again and again so long as they'll have me. I was awarded their 2016 Performer of the Year Award, and just inked a brand new three-year deal with them, so chances are I'll be there a while"

-He also made mention of a number of projects for GLC, including a potential new logo for The GasLight Circus.

"As the show evolves, so must it's image, so I'm talking with several artists about a new logo for GLC in the future that we'll probably either debut at this year's Carnival ball, or at the start of our 3rd season this fall. We also wanna look into putting some new merchandise and souvenirs out there, like putting the songs we've sung on stage on CD's for the fans who like them. Obviously we can't sell music that isn't ours, so it may just be a labor of love on my end to pump out CD's that fans can just have as a 'thanks for coming out' sort of thing. We're also planning to release buttons, stickers, pitch cards, and posters in the very near future. I'm extremely excited for what's coming here in the next few months."

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