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Another GLC Alumni Confirmed for Warped. Jero the Jester Comments.

-The GasLight Circus is proud to announce that GLC Alumni Lily La Vamp will be returning to the Phoenix-based Circus promotion on January 21st for GLC Presents: Warped.

A veteran of the dance, burlesque, and sideshow scene in Arizona, Lily La Vamp is the founder of Hump-Day Burlesque, and first appeared with The GasLight Circus back in April of 2016 during the show's run in Tempe at the now closed-down Endgame venue. She has since been touring the country on the Renaissance Festival circuit alongside non-other than GLC Orginal Mickey Fumbles (Now going by the name Mickey TossPott), who was revealed as the first alumni to return for the anniversary show of GLC.

GLC Founder Jero "The Jester" Keenom" said the following on the return of La Vamp:

"Lily is phenomenal, she and I met performing together way back when for Mystic Circus, and fortunately stayed friends across several other shows the past few years. We brought her in for an Endgame show back in April, and she was probably one of the first mainstay dance attractions we had in GLC after Astarte Blu had to step back for a bit. Girl's a pioneer of her trade, and I'm thrilled to see her come back for warped."

With just ten days before the premiere of Warped, The GasLight Circus has expressed that more alumni are still yet to be announced.

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