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The GasLight Circus Announces Sequel Performance to "Menagerie"

- The GasLight Circus has recently announced the first of their two upcoming performances. Menagerie: Chapter 2 is going to take place in a similar realm as it's predecessor, performed back in April 2016, a Facebook event page reads the following synopsis:

From the depths of your imagination, to the farthest reaches of what is humanly possible, The GasLight Circus proudly presents the next installment of one of the show's most beloved story lines. Menagerie: Chapter 2! Witness the return of The Proprietor's magical circus in this highly-anticipated sequel performance featuring Jero the Jester, Widow Ives, Mina Katz, Eliora, Shawn Cook, The Proprietor himself, and more! Witness the wonder and awe of The GasLight Circus presents: Menagerie Chapter 2, LIVE at The Alwun House on Saturday, December 17th. Tickets are $15 at the door, and $12 online. Doors open at 8:00pm, the show starts at 9:00pm!

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