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The GasLight Circus Receives Top 5 Rating. Jero & Widow Featured On Radio.

-This Morning, The GasLight Circus was listed by Phoenix Magazine as one of the "Top 5 Arts Events for May".

Upon hearing the news, GLC Founder Jero the Jester took to social media to comment:

"It's not a dream anymore to me, or a joke anymore to some. Every time we come back to The Alwun House for a show, people remember us, they remember The GasLight Circus. It's almost every week now we're featured by another website, news, or radio station. It's a great feeling that our desire to entertain the fans has seen such a response so regularly."

-Speaking of radio, Jero the Jester and GLC Aerialst Widow Ives appeared this past weekend on 93.3 KDKB, and several other radio stations under the Arizona-based KDKB Brand to promote The Carnival Ball, which takes place this Saturday. The full interview can be found below:

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