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The GasLight Circus issues press release for Menagerie.

-The GasLight Circus issued it's official press release for it's upcoming show, "Menagerie" to local event websites,, and

Suspend your disbelief and join the transcendent Gaslight Circus as they debut their dazzling new show, Menagerie: the tale of a once-dead circus brought to life by the recapturing of a live audience. It's an enchanting spectacle featuring an array of performances from daring stunts to mesmerizing dances, all with an unmistakable Vaudeville vibe.

Gaslight Circus is a young troupe made up of veteran performers dedicated to their arts. Founder Jero Keenom, better known in the circus community as Jero the Jester, banded the group together in 2015 to bring his vision of a classic Vaudeville circus with a twist to life. He prides himself in the high production value that shines above that offered by other urban circuses in the Phoenix area. Gaslight Circus and Menagerie maintain the classy, elegant vibe that has kept Vaudeville popular throughout the century. However, that does not mean it shies away from the dark and mystical ambiance that characterizes the urban circus scene.

Menagerie will feature a variety of acts, including musical performances, belly dance, fire-eating, juggling, sleight-of-hand magic, aerial silks, escape art, and whip tricks, as well as narrative storytelling to weave the whole show together. Menagerie brings to life the account of an old storyteller revisiting the dead haunts that were once his beloved circus, only to find that mystical powers have brought his troupe back to life. The audience will meet a cast of beloved and intriguing characters that each brings a unique facet to the story, including two star-crossed lovers, the craziest clowns in town, a tough doll who just wants to learn kindness, and the vengeful widow who rules the rafters. It's a whirlwind adventure for the whole family to enjoy.

Menagerie is being hosted on April 2nd by the Alwun House in downtown Phoenix, located at 1204 E Roosevelt St. The doors will open at 8:00pm and the show will begin at 9:00pm. The venue is equipped with heat lamps and a cash bar. Tickets are available at the door for $10 each.

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