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"Gypsy" Geoff Marsh appears at GLC Endgame.

-At the March 15th Endgame event, The GasLight hosted nationally renowned circus performer "Gypsy" Geoff Marsh. Marsh is best known for his work on the Renaissance Festival Circuit, as well as the latest acquisition of "Clowns Without Borders". The former IJA International Busking Tournament Champion performed three separate times during the evening, twice by himself and once with Mickey Fumbles and Jero the Jester.

Marsh had the following to say after the show:

"GasLight Circus has great potential, if they can keep and grow the crowd they have, I'll be happy to come back and perform again next year."

Marsh, who performs across multiple countries throughout the year, is scheduled to return to the Arizona area in the Spring of 2017.

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