GLC Announces Partnership with Glitterhorne VR

- The GasLight Circus is proud to announce it's latest endeavor with its brand-new partnership with Glitterhorne VR to create a new type of VR Circus experience for viewers at home. on the go, or out of state!

"Ryan Drake, or as some performers may know him, Orgazzmo, approached me with his project about a week ago, and I absolutely loved the concept." Says Jero Keenom. "Don't get me wrong, nothing really replaces a live experience, but what about the folks who physically can't make it to a show for some reason or another? Shouldn't they get a chance to enjoy the experience of what we as performers put on too? I certainly think so! And it's not holograms, these are *real* people, *real* acts being displayed, just on a larger digital platform that hasn't quite been utilized yet by our industry."

For more information regarding The GasLight Circus' participation, keep an eye on this website, or for more information on Glitterhorne, visit their site at!

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