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Keegan Moss Returns to GLC. Noah Brown Comments on "Circus Adventure"

- The GasLight Circus is proud to announce the return of veteran GLC performer Keegan Moss!

Moss was last seen at the very first Carnival Ball Show in 2016. Trained in skills such as fencing as well as violin, Keegan Moss will return to The GasLight Circus in two week's time at GLC's upcoming Requiem show to play a role that only GLC's resident Swashbuckling Violinist knows how.

-October 9th marked the 1 year anniversary of GLC Presents: Noir. A show that saw the stage debuts of the likes of Arianna Flatt, Corry Rinehart, and long time GLC performer Noah Brown's Clown persona, Puddles. Who coined the "Circus Adventure" audience chant now synonymous with many GLC shows.

Brown had the following to say on the catchphrase that took GLC by Storm:

"It's a catchphrase that came up in the moment as the show started, but seemed absolutely natural for our circus, like an unofficial mission statement made official by our fans!"

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