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Loki Deadenbacher Returning for Menagerie 2. Gabriel Lim joins GLC.

- In a live announcement on Facebook last week, GasLight Circus founder Jero "The Jester" Keenom revealed that Loki Deadenbacher will be returning to the Arizona-based show for one night only on December 17th's performance of "Menagerie: Chapter 2.

A talented contact-juggler, Loki rose to GLC fame during the show's 3 month residency performing in Tempe at the location formerly known as Endgame.

-In addition to Loki's return, Gabriel Lim, who made a guest appearance with GLC at Fangoria FearCON last month, has also been added to The GasLight Circus' performance lineup for Menagerie 2.

With the impression the illusionist made at FearCON, GLC fans have likely not seen the last of Lim

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