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Alex DeGar Announces Retirement From Arizona Variety Show Circuit and Departure from The GasLight Ci

- Alex DeGar, one of the founding members of The GasLight Circus, has announced his retirement.

After being left off of The Carnival Ball following a head-injury he received during a caving trip, the multi-talented circus performer made the decision to depart the Arizona Variety Show Circuit, consisting of performance troupes such as Hump-Day Burlesque, The Pain Proof Punks, The GasLight Circus, and more.

Despite this, Alex DeGar has claimed he will continue to perform at corporate events on a case-by-case basis, and is still accepting those specific bookings for the time being.

Alex DeGar met GLC founder Jero "The Jester" Keenom as members of the now New York-based Mystic Circus, after both men were subsequently released from their duties with Mystic Circus, the two went on to pitch The GasLight Circus to multiple venues, where it was picked up by The Alwun House for their debut show titled "The Circus of Nobodies".

Following the announcement, Jero had the following to say: "There have been moments where Alex was like a brother to me, and I support his choice to retire from the circuit 100%. It's not an easy grind down here in the trenches, all the dive bars, backyards, and sh*t-hole venues make you think about what's important to you while you scratch and claw your way to that one great gig that makes you feel like you earned every scar, like when we got to The Alwun House. I get it.

He texted me to let me know personally, and I said to him "Are you sure?" and he said it was what he needed to do. That being said, Alex knows the door's not closed on him coming back to GLC one of these days. He was there when we started this whole thing, and I'll gladly scooch over for him to have a spot to dive back into the trenches with us."

From the bottom of our hearts, The GasLight Circus wishes all the best to the one and only Alex DeGar.

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